Tips About Pen Repair & Restoration

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Don’t trust your pen(s) to anyone on a hope and a prayer. It usually won’t work well. The list below is only representative, and no promise is made regarding quality of services except as noted. It is advisable to seek recommendations for repair services at your dealer, particularly if you intend to have them done locally. Repair and restoration of fountain pens is non-trivial, and moreso for vintage pens. In fact, if it’s a vintage pen needing service go to a person who specializes in those pens. Don’t be afraid to ask pointed questions about the quantity of repairs done and get some references.

I’m inclined to do the obvious when I run into a problem with one of my pens – send it out for repair. I practice routine care and cleaning, so when I encounter a problem it’s usually beyond my ability to fix it. Care and maintenance are important, of course. These are instruments and need to be treated as such. If you get into this practice and mindset, you’ll not encounter a problem (e.g., clogged nib, ink flow problems) except in those rare instances where the pen will need professional / expert repair.

Pen repair manuals are not generally available, with one notable exception known in pen circles as “The Book.” Frank Dubiel is the author and publisher and his book is available through him (email: [email protected] ). Original manufacturers manuals are available through the reference library on the Pen Collectors of America website at, but membership and a fee are required for copies.