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This area of my site is for those of us who enjoy writing... An excellent fountain pen, special paper, a good ink, and all the paraphenalia associated with writing. Included, of course, is some material about calligraphy and the tools of this art form.

Fountain Pens For Sale

It's that time in life to begin moving some of my collection to other people who enjoy pens as much as I do. A portion of my collection is going to family and friends, and some will be sold here. I have a modest selection of Parker 51s, Sheaffers, Visconti, and Mont Blancs, and others that I will list here, or collectors may contact me by email for a multi-pen purchase: [email protected]

Fountain Pens

Articles about the design, evolution, use, and collecting.

Ink Wells, Writing Boxes, and Accessories

What would writing be without all the accessories that go with it? Ink wells to Writing Boxes, and whatever's between.


The world of "beautiful writing." All about the scribes and scripts, techniques, tools, inks and paper.

Stationery, Correspondence & The Gift of Letters

A unique way to share a part of yourself. A personal, special gift to someone else.


Tips for developing a good "hand" and why it's important to you.