Foose Family Genealogy

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This is a collection of material about the Foose Family of Pennsylvania. Our family has a 270-plus year history on this continent, extending from the early colonial period to present. The Foose-Gottschall Family Reunion is held every year, on the third Saturday in August, traditionally at the Mt. Zion Lutheran Church, Mt. Zion, PA. This year marked the 70th anniversary of this family event.

Many of the documents and other materials on this portion of the site have been provided by the Foose-Gottschall Cemetery Association. I hope access to this information via the Internet will be of benefit to any research efforts. Family members don't forget the annual reunion held the 3d Saturday in August.

Bob Foose

(459. Francis, 179. Irvin, 60. Benjamin, 35. Joseph, 16. Conrad, 7. Conrad, 1. Johan)


  • Foose-Gottschall Cemetery Rededication
  • Foose Lineage
  • Third Reunion (1936) History & Descendants Booklet Images (full set of .jpg images zip)
  • Obituary for Irvin O. Foose (my Grandfather: 179. Irvin, 60. Benjamin, 35. Joseph, 16. Conrad, 7. Conrad, 1. Johan)
  • Obituary for Francis I. Foose
  • Service in 79th Division WWI & WWII
  • Brief History of 79th Division (Lorraine Cross Division)
  • Some Thoughts & Questions About Our History (Bob's)
  • Resources in the Draper Manuscripts
  • Foose Design Hot Hues for NASCAR's #24


  • Mt. Zion Lutheran Church (1988)
  • Foose-Gottschall Cemetery (1988)
  • Foose Markers at Mt. Zion Church (1988)
  • Maps to Cemetery and Church Sites
  • My Branch of the Foose Family